Speed Up Your Windows 10 Computer

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Speed up your Windows 10 computer.

Do you need to speed up your Windows 10 computer? Let’s look at a few things you can do that will help the performance and speed of your computer or laptop.

First, remove any “bloatware” that came pre installed on your laptop by following these prompts. Start>>Settings>>System>>Apps & Features

Second, limit the programs that can boot with the computer by also following these prompts. Ctrl+Alt+Del>>Task Manager>>Startup Tab>>Disable the programs you don’t want to run by highlighting them and choosing disable.

Third, remove malware with Malwarebytes. You can download it here at CNET.

Fourth, run a good antivirus program such as AVG along with one or more of the malware products such as Malwarebytes.

Fifth, add RAM because his is the biggest bang for your buck in speeding up your computer and it is usually easy to do on both desktop and laptops of any brand.

Sixth, consider installing a SSD hard drive. Standard hard drives have moving parts such as a platter and stylus. With an SSD, you have no moving parts to limit the read/write speed.

Seventh, on a laptop you need to have your power settings set for maximum performance. Understand there will be an increase to the drain on your battery, but you will be able to work much faster with a fast computer :-)

Eighth, if you have problems only while you are on the internet with a browser, facebook app, or twitter, etc., but not when you are writing a document or working in a spreadsheet, check your internet speed at Speak Easy because it appears to be an internet issue.

Ninth, kill live tiles. On your start menu, right-click each tile that you don’t want and choose to remove it.

Tenth, turn off Cortana and make sure your privacy settings are providing you with some privacy so information is not continually being sent out from your laptop.

These tips will make for a good start in speeding up your computer. If your computer is over 5 years old and you got caught up in the Windows 10 upgrade, even if you did not intend to do so, consider investing in a new computer with greater hardware power. Call us today if you need help or advise at 770-674-4644.