factors affecting laptop battery life

Factors Affecting Laptop Battery Life

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Factors Affecting Laptop Battery Life

Factors affecting laptop battery life, whether it be a Windows or Apple laptop, are discharging all the way, temperatures, regular use and proper storage. Let’s look at each of these factors for laptop battery life. This will give you a good idea of how to best use your laptop battery. This is true from the start or if your laptop battery life is at its end.

Discharging The Laptop Battery All The Way

This action is required only if your laptop is a nickel-based battery (few are these days) or if your battery has a sensor. With a lithium-based battery this can actually do more harm than good. And if you discharge it below 3% there can be serious damage done to the life of the battery. Don’t wait until the battery is depleted before plugging in the charger and you’ll be fine.


High temperatures have a great affect on electronics in general and batteries in particular. The hotter your device gets the more chemical reactions take place inside the battery. Temps over 90 degrees are harmful. Sorry you Southerners, especially you Texans. On the other end of the spectrum is extreme cold. Decreased battery life along with condensation inside the battery can cause permanent damage.

Proper Storage

If you use your laptop plugged in for the most part you can remove the battery and use only the A/C adapter. Then from time-to-time put your battery back in for a full charge. This will extend the life of the battery and lower the amount of heat put out.

So basically there is a balanced approach. Sometimes use your battery, sometimes don’t. Don’t let your laptop get into an environment with excessive heat or cold. Keep the charge above 3%, but not always at full capacity.