Do you need computer repair in Sandy Springs GA? We are here to help you with any aspect of computer repair in Sandy Springs GA. Call us at 770-674-4644 to have a technician come to you at your convenience. There is no need to waste time loading your computer into the car and facing all that traffic. We come to you. Since 1996 we have been helping people with computer repair. We can help you.
And what about those techie attitudes? You won’t find that with us. We are here to serve you. While on-site, doing your computer repair in Sandy Springs GA, we explain everything. If we know what caused the problem you will, too. We explain all repairs to you along with how to prevent the issue. Prevention and knowledge are powerful tools we provide you along with service.
Isn’t all this going to be expense? No. We charge a flat rate per hour. No matter how many issues or computers you need repaired the cost is the same. We don’t bill by the job. You control the cost. Some of our clients even bring over friends and their computers so they can be fixed at the same time. Let us do your computer repair in Sandy Springs GA.

What do you need repaired today?

Computer Repair In Sandy Springs GA

Is your computer not booting up?
Do you need to sync your phone with your computer?
Has your computer harddrive crashed?
Is your computer monitor not working?
Is your harddrive making a strange noise?
Has your DVD stopped working?
Are you having trouble getting on the internet?
Does your computer seem slow?
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