On-site Support

We come to you! Call us today at 770-674-4644 or fill out the form below and include your phone number to schedule an appointment. We can find a time that is convenient for you even if it is in the evenings or on a Saturday. Have you taken your computer into a shop to have it repaired only to get back home to find that not everything works? Or to find files missing or your printer not printing? On-site service solves those issues since we make it a point to check your internet connection to make sure you can send/receive emails and websites; your printer status;  and other miscellaneous  items before we leave.

What are the advantages to on-site computer, laptop or Mac service?

  • No need to unplug your computer from the monitor, printer, mouse, keyboard, etc.
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosis is easier and more accurate with the computer in its normal environment.
  • At your convenience.
  • With our flat-rate pricing we can solve more than on issue for the same cost.
  • With our flat-rate pricing we can fix more than one computer at the same cost.
  • Optimization of your whole system – not just optimization of your computer – is possible.
  • You can be sure that your email, internet, printer, etc. are all working properly before we leave.

Making an appointment is fast and easy so call us today to schedule your next in-home computer repair or tune-up.