on-line support

On-line Support

If you prefer on-line support verses on-site support we offer that with Team Viewer software. Team viewer is a very simple, yet efficient software that has become very popular over the last several years. It is completely secure since you, the user, must give access before anyone can login to your computer. This gives you total control since it only runs when you open it.

What are the advantages of online computer repair? You can save time and money having us login to your computer to diagnose or repair many software issues. While onsite repairs include cost such as time, travel, gas, etc. by using online support you pay only 49.00 per hour for support. We will be able to give you an estimate of the overall cost depending on the issue. This gives you double the protection. We usually can solve the issue online, but should we see that the issue requires onsite help we can come immediately to your home or office.

Exactly how does this work? Follow the steps below:

1. Call us at 770-674-4644 to schedule a time that is convenient to you for us to login to your computer.

2. Go  to Team Viewer to download and install their software. If you need help with the installation we can be on the phone with you to help.

3. After installation, double-click on the new icon that was put on your desktop.

4. Call us with the login credentials and we will get to work!