Amped Wireless

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Amped Wireless

This will be the first time I have ever recommended a product, Amped Wireless – outside of my services, of course! It all started with a large ranch-style U-shaped house. The owners had tried in vain in the past to get a wireless signal thorough out the house. As it stood they could only use wireless devices in 1/3 of the house. Let me mention that the construction of this southwestern style was full beams, all tile and lots of granite.

My first, and erroneous, thought was to use wireless repeaters. The reason for the error is the reduction of speed with each repeater used. We had placed these throughout the house, but by the time you got to the last run the speed was that of a turtle.

The Solution

The first basic step is to place the wireless router in the center of the home. This meant placing it in the middle of the base of the U. I chose the Netgear N600 dual band router with the aim of covering the full length of the base of the U with a strong signal at each end.

Time to focus on the left and right wings of the house. While I had a strong signal at each end an access point seemed to be the way to go. (And this is where I begin to sing the praises of Amped Wireless products!) For this I chose Amped Wireless’ High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point. The right side of the U was far longer than the left side that included a three car garage with a workout room at the end.  I purchase two AP for each side and then added an Amped Wireless High Power 12dBi Omni-Directional Wi-Fi Antenna WA12 to the AP in the right wing.

We tested the wireless strength with an iPhone, iPad and wireless laptop. The left wing was the first to test as this is the access point with the spec antenna. The signal in the furthest corner was at full strength! We now moved to the right side of the house. This is the access point with the 12dBi antenna. As we made our way down the house and into the garage I was shocked. The signal, even in the workout room, was a solid full bars!

The payoff? Having added a line of products that I can depend on and a new customer for life!