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Any Make, Any Model. Windows PC, Apple Mac, Linux.

No matter what flavor you prefer in computers we can help you! Service, repair or learning more about your laptop or computer is what we do and do really well. You might wonder what all these different operating systems have in common. First and foremost they are all operating systems […]

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Call us at 770-674-4644. We will schedule a time to be at your home or office. All work is done on-site to ensure that components are working properly in their natural environment. How does this help you? First, you don’t have to unhook your computer and carry it somewhere. Second, you don’t have to leave your computer for days or weeks – it is usually fixed that day. Third, you will approve that all equipment is working properly before the Wiz-Nerd leaves. What We Do. Technology is our passion. Our knowledge extends to all areas of home & office technology. From computers to wired & wireless networking, security – especially child protection, iPod, printers, training, spyware – virus removal, data recovery, backups, data migration. Just about anything you want done. We can even help you with ebay! Call Us Today At 770-674-4644